Spring Summer Trends for Men

Fashion experts predict that 2017 spring summer will be a season of contrasts. The luxury giants those rule the fashion industry produce polished fashions in style resulting in mash ups of nineties street-wear, return of sports-wear etc. We try to put some lights especially on men’s fashion through our blog that will help them to be in trend and make new style statements.

Men’s Wear Undergoing A Renaissance

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Depending on a number of factors man’s fashion industry is facing a drastic change this year. Men continue to embrace the newest trends that arrives in the fashion sector without putting much thought. Nowadays men are having same fashion sense as women and the cultural shift expresses itself best through the haute couture.

Shirts from The 50s Era


Over sized textured polo shirts those put good examples of 50s fashion sense are in trends nowadays. Balance these shirts with a tailored pant and look dapper. This fashion looks best when donned up in darker shades. But contrast is key when combining colors provide a more polished look.

Bomber Jackets


While gender fluidity may be in vogue this season Bomber jackets are making a grand come back. A very versatile for the casual days and firmly holds the cool look with comfort, these jackets are available in multiple colors and materials. Though Bomber jackets are in fashion for a while but the important thing is every year they are able to keep their contemporary look intact.

Shorts Mania Will Never Go Off The Rack


The best designer houses such as Prada and Gucci brought back shorts in a wide range of colors and prints. Bright hues like blue, green, yellow look versatile with simple button downed shirts and trust me, especially during spring-summer this trend is in vogue.

Recent study by the topmost fashion houses reveals that 2017 is the year of overalls. You can showcase them in darker hues as well as in lighter. Cool toned denims and dusky greens are in vogue. Keep the overalls low-key with a white tee and you will get the best appreciation for your look. Choose your own fashion statement and create your own way to be fad this year.



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