Colors in Vogue This Spring Summer

Colors play a pivotal role in our life, it transport us to a happier and brighter mood where we feel free to express ourselves. So what are the most coveted colors for this spring on to know more…

For Her

Ornate Orange


This color is defined as the color of excitement in a single word. The trend in the market says that this particular hue is going to rule the runway for the upcoming season. A very strong color indeed that speaks in the favor of womanhood.

Gorgeous Green   

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Your adventurous avatar is best revealed with this green flash, a hue that designers like to preserve for the best palette. Green is soft and warm together that offers a signature look to any outfit.

Bonny Rose


A beautiful hue that spreads the message of compassion; appears with the feeling of a budding flower, a flushed cheek or serene sunset, Sasya clarifies that rose quartz looks more fabulous when paired with peach and lilac. Enjoy the abundance of love with the bonny rose this February.

Serenity Blue


As the name clarifies a tranquil, peaceful airy color that calms the senses; if paired with snorkel blue or pastel pink this color can speak of the millennia of wisdom. The cool hue is perfect for any official attire as well as weekend parties.

For Him

Menswear in the spring summer emphasizes the urgency of uncontrived hues where natural tones are inseparable with deep, fundamental colors to form an unassuming and sophisticated color tone.

Dusk Blue


The ultimate shade for every men. It is both dependable and faithful together in a world that is classic and nostalgic. Dusk blue enables us to retreat into a safer place of quiet blue serenity.

Glacier Gray


Though this color is dominant for both men and women especially in spring summer but men adorned the color more than women. Nature’s most perfect neutral glacier gray is a shade that is timeless, peaceful and relaxing.

Classic Blue


Classic blue inspires confidence and harmony together. A strong and reliable shade for every occasion. Because of its waterborne qualities this hue is considered as thoughtful as well as introspective.


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