Must Have Fashion Accessories

Fashion statements keep on changing, sometimes it is an old trade mark fashion trend suddenly becomes popular once again and sometimes a brand new trend is set. Every year the vicious fashion circle comes around naturally. Best ethnic wear for women throws some lights on the latest trend in fashion accessories.

A Tailored Blazer

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A classic tailored blazer is an unanimous choice for both men and women. Basically it looks great in any body types. Pair it with anything such as jeans, trousers and skirts and show the most fashionable avatar of yourself. Make sure whatever you wear with the blazer should fit well.

A Scarf

Even if are in a basic t-shirt and jeans a printed scarf can change the entire look. Many men think that a scarf is made for women but trust me, men should invest in a high quality scarf that can keep them warm in winters as well as can create a stylish look. Boys can pair it up with casual jackets too.

Elegant Watches


A timepiece is a must have accessory for both men and women, though you are using the smartest cell phone to see the time but an oversized stylish watch is a staple style maker for everyone. Especially for men this is the only hand accessory that worth investment.

A Statement Necklace And Tie


A strong statement necklace can make any girl look better and more feminine. Invest in a costly necklace and win lots of accolades in return. The greater the number of ties a man has the better. But one should be very careful while buying a tie, it must be costly because a cheap tie does not go well with a costly outfit.

Colors Are in Vogue This Season

Best casual wear for women predicts that 2017 will be a year of vibrant hues and loud colored outfits. Metallic look, stripes and prints would be big this year. Be it men’s wallet or belt, be it women’s handbags or shoes colors are everywhere.

Seductive Sun-wears


Other than providing protection against the sun rays a sunglass adds lots of style statements. Many types and patterns are available in the market for sunglasses but be wise to choose the ones that suits your face type. One important thing to keep in mind that sports sunglasses are not good with formal wear.



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