Valentine Dressing Up

On the most romantic day of the year what will you wear? You already know what to gift her but  customized tailoring in Kolkata offers helping hand to all men with the best guidance for what to wear on that special day.

If You Are Planning for A dinner Date


It is your plan to take her out for a romantic dinner, it is must for you to wear a formal outfit. Perfect pair of boots, formal coat with shirts and pants. You should look like a gentleman. You choose a navy blue coat and team it up with a pinstripe shirt, tie or scarf. Some men own their own tuxedos, use it sparingly especially for the valentine evening.

When The Plan Is to Go for A movie


Best Casual Wear Store in Kolkata suggests you to wear something very trendy yet stylish for a movie date. Be it a branded t-shirt or denim keep it simple. You can tone down your look with a classic trousers, button down shirts with a staple but versatile menswear like an athletic sweatshirt. You can don up your casual avatar with a pair of branded snickers and wrist watch.

For A Casual Date


A casual date outfit should be simple yet elegant. You could wear a t-shirt or a simple shirt with denim. Choose a matching belt and comfortable pair of shoes. If your valentine’s day plan includes dinner at a nice restaurant, swap the shirt and tie in favor of a turtleneck. Every dude’s going to be wearing a shirt and tie so why not stand out in a sophisticated and elegant way?

Good luck for your Valentine’s Day and do not keep any stones unturned to make it unforgettable for your life. Think of some different style of dressing that will knock out your valentine when her first gaze falls on you.







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