Dressing Tips for New Year

A New Year party is festive and a little wild; if you are fortunate enough to attend a New Year party with your friends you must know the dressing technique to be the queen –bee of the eve. A solid impression on the host as well as the other guests will be just appropriate. Here we wish to enlighten you with the dressing and make up tips apt for the year that is approaching.

A Look Back to The Present Year

2016 fashion platform did not contribute a lot, neither taken huge things from us. As the year’s fashion has no significant change, it is better to opt for dresses mini to maxi depending on the shape and preferences. Asymmetric cut and shapes are in fashion right now.

For Her

Velvet Is The New Novelty


Fabrics that comprise velvet are the in thing right now. Velvet that is embroidered with gold beads or sequin, stitched by the bright colored threads will be hot cake in the coming year. Accessorize yourself with gold ornaments that complement your outfit.

One shouldered Dress

One shouldered dress is absolutely a dramatic affair perfect for New Year parties. The look can be sultrier than keeping both shoulders bare. With proper ear chandeliers and a clutch you can be the diva of a party in that outfit.

Go Backless


If you are a little wary about exposing your shoulders then go for the backless one but remember to have one toned back with fairly clear skin. A daring backless dress might be the Best Casual wear for Women in 2017. A conservative front look along with exposed back offers a classy look adorned with glitz and glamour.

For Him

Make Fragrances Your Life


A good custom made tailored suit from the signature store Sasya will go in vain of not donned up properly similarly a  good fragrance is a must for your stylish avatar. Wear what you want to wear depending on your taste, it is not based on your gender- says legendary perfumer Roja Dove.

A Clean Shaven Look

Look around you, the long bearded look has come back again and so enrobe it with a style. It is entirely up to your choice that you want to flaunt the clean shaven look or don a well manure beard but take my word; old school single or double blade safety razor will likely give you the best shave you’ll ever experience.

One vital thing to remember that make your own style statement. Always wear your smile to leave a long lasting impression on the onlookers. Be bold, slap on some attitude to make others speechless but do not try to wear extra attitude as it will ruin the whole affair. Be transparent, be normal, be YOU and conquer the world.




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