Dressing Trends for 2017: Know the Top Tips

2017 fashion sense tells one single word-Audacity. Be bold to carry of the pastel shades of mauve, pink, electro furs, gorgeous red and glittery green from head to toe that are going to rule the runways in the fashion industry this year. Anticipating what are in and what not is undoubtedly a big task but here come a sincere attempt to enlighten the fashionistas about what to chose and what not.

Colors That Mix N’ Match

Different colors on sharp shoulders, corseted waists and the puffy volume that gain the weight in the fashion ground. Be enough daring to explore the trends and get ready to rock an explosive silhouette next year. Visit the best ethnic wear store in Kolkata such as Sasya to avail the most coveted outfits of the coming year.


What to Choose for An Evening Wear

Evenings have a special place among all; if you decide to celebrate the coming year in a festive note or want to attend a party choose the luxury evening gowns. A long fluffy skirt in shades or pale pink is at the peak of popularity. The colors that are in red or golden tones are always welcome. A length that will work for you is short skirt. But if you feel uncomfortable baring too much skin opt for a skirt that falls at or just above the knee. Remember one thing, choose an outfit that makes you look best and you feel comfort wearing it. Fashionable short dresses are absolutely welcome nowadays. Adding a small amount of gold accessories will enhance the beautiful image from the base, even for middle aged women, allow yourself a bit of festive in these days.


Advice for The Adonis Look

All men are advised to choose interesting neckline as they are in vogue right now. Instead of straight cut neckline consider something a little more flirtatious.

Bespoke is a word that stands for the craft of making garments one at a time from a specific pattern created separately for New Year. Sasya’s distinguished tailoring provides custom made tailored suits along with a superior quality creating a 100% custom fit. Sasya’s bespoke tailoring works carefully with each body type to ensure a perfect fit destined to please each customer. Reveal your trendy avatar this coming year with Sasya and create a new fashion line with the root word RARE.

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