New Year New Resolution: Time to Gear Up for 2017

A new year is like a spotless notebook and you can scribble anything in it. So start right now to take resolutions to rejuvenate you from the core and get a new ‘you’. Fill the new page of your notebook with the resolution for the upcoming year to start a little early.

Maintaining The Hour Glass Figure

December month comes with many occasions and many people pack on pounds during this time and then resolve to lose the weight in the new-year. Carrying excess weight puts us at a greater risk of a whole range of serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes; without making much fuss about what to eat and what not try to keep it simple. Eat lesser amount and try to stick to it throughout the year. Achieve your dream of that hour glass figure by motivation. A little tip, but an exclusive looking gorgeous lehenga from the top ethnic wear store in Kolkata, Sasya and keep it in front of your eyes; take my word, you will try harder to be fit in that coveted outfit.


Benefits of Meditation

There are umpteen benefits of meditation. To name just a few it helps to improve your mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety and even increases the brain-activity which involves muscle control, sensory perception, decision making and self control.


Achieve Your Dreams

Stop thinking and start acting on your dream. Whatever your dreams are- to make more money, to learn to play a particular instrument, to do philanthropy, you can accomplish those dreams spending few times every day. By the end of the year you will see that you have achieved much more than you thought.

Spend More Time With Nature

Trust me, follow this resolution and you will be a happier soul. It will boost your immune system and even make you more creative. Your confidence level will boost up if you spend more time on the lap of nature and who does not know that confident people are happier, more relaxed and successful.

Learn A New Skill

Always keep the mind-window open for new things to enter. Let them allow to rejuvenate your life. Learn a new language or new instrument and see the changes. More peace and more satisfaction will engulf you. This new-year be kinder to all, create a positive attitude, strengthen your personal relationship and be in perfect shape.



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