Style retrospection 2016

The Hindsight of Style Statement in The Year 2016

With the New Year approaching the threshold it is the time to have a distinct look in the ongoing fashion trend of 2016. The best casual wear store in Kolkata, Sasya enlighten the readers with information and visionary upshot. The floral look, suede pieces was in the trend. Maxi dress with a gorgeous silhouette was styled in many dimensions this year. And to add more, heeled booties with cross body bags had the mass appeal.

Trends in Women’s Fashion

A slinky Slip Dress

A classic black sleek and delicate dress is always welcome and 2016 was not an exception. Be it a one with a pop of colors or a pretty gold metallic version; simple one piece was the dress of the year for no doubt.


Image source from Google

Bell Sleeved Tops

These kinds of tops are fun to wear when donned up with skirts and shorts, and yes; with eternal jeans. They were very much in this year, a shiny shimmery or a pastel finished. The outfit rocks when matched with sequined shoes, bags, clothes and even nail colors.

Pretty Pleats

Pleated dresses always make fashion statement. As discussed earlier that this year’s style trend gives a hint about bygone eras on 60s and 70s, pleats were very much fashionable that time too. The trend setters predicted before the year started that the pleated trend would be one of the highs in fashion world this year and yes, they were right.


Image source from Google

Trends in Men’s Fashion

From tonal minimalism to punk filled street wear, menswear fashion field roared with these style statements in 2016. This year the color black was considered as neutral that basically means you got dressed in dark and still found it hard not to be called fashionable. All the important texture with suede bomber jackets, salt and pepper over coats and fiber joggers were the talk of the fashion industry this year.


Image source from Google

Just like the women’s fashion men’s fashion also inspired from the retro era. Ripped off and repaired denims teamed up with oversized sweat shirts and a faux leather jacket to flaunt the uncontrolled attitude of the rock n’ roll era was the talk of the town this year.


Lastly it is said that be it 2016 or 2020, the style segment keeps on changing apart from few eternal items such as sari for women and a tuxedo for men. So the coming year many style statements will be written following the trend of the celebs and the fashion houses but the eternal appeals of few signature fashions will be the same.


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