Year End Party Dressing Tips

Party Dress

A beautiful party wear from the best casual wear store in Kolkata, Sasya will make a perfect statement for the evening. Do not rush to buy anything from anywhere, firstly check your wardrobe and opt for the best thing available in the city. Sasya believes in signature wear, so be sure you will get only the best from their store for the swanky society affair. A glittery knee length black dress that is lying there in the store counter to be picked up for the quintessential occasion is just perfect. Secondly, you cannot go wrong with a top and skirt with some special details in it. Be careful about avoiding fabrics that are too casual such as chinos, jersey and denim.


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Flaunt Your New Avatar

Bring more play into your life and flaunt the ‘new you’ to everyone. Indulging yourself into games will boost up your energy level and will also help to tone up your shape. A New Year party is never complete without some good games so if you are shy and is not very out spoken, try to change yourself a little.


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Ideal Make up

Be it a party, dinner or get together, an ideal make up is a must for every woman. The true sign of a good make up is to enhance the natural beauty of your face and skin. Firstly do your base making it right from the core and cover up all the blemishes and acne scars. The full concentration now falls on your eyes; enhance those carefully by choosing a proper eye shadow, liner and mascara. All these things should work in a coordinating manner to make you look awesome.


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Pink and red are the perfect colors for your lips. Team it with a matte lip balm for the extra shot of moisturizer as winter is the cruel time to snatch it from your precious lips.

Wear a new hair style for this special day; you can make a fashionable bun with it or create a unique ponytail with the help of hair accessories. Proper accessories and custom made tailored suits from the best store in the city will definitely make your evening by giving you a Primma Donna look.


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