Three Reasons You Should Shop from Sasya This Season

Every one of us wants to splurge on designer outfits sometimes in our life. That collection would be a rarest one with exquisite beauty; we do not bother about price but only admire the precious dress. Sasya, the designer store in Kolkata with rarest collection offers you suits, sarees and lehengas you cannot help but praising. Why would you select Saysa over others for shopping this season? Little enlightenment is needed.


The Prime Location With Enormous Space

This signature store, comprising five enormous floors is situated at the prime location of Shakespeare Sarani in Kolkata. A statement in designer dresses in Kolkata is synonymous to Sasya. The interior of the store definitely has a different approach. In today’s digital era the ravenous beauty of Sasya showroom enthralls you with its head turning windows, new age essentials and remarkable brands; each floor is meant for a special section. Effective retail interiors attract more customers, thus Sasya’s smart design decisions make a notable difference in the field of retail designs in comparison with other designer stores in the city.


Single Designs, Not Meant for repetition

Be it sarees, lehengas or men’s bespoke outfits; Sasya never repeats its designs. Their unusual signature products definitely create a long lasting effect in the customer’s mind. They house only the rarest and remarkable things that are meant for important occasions. Sasya treats each of their customers with special exploration keeping their versatile needs in mind and so they are the exception in designer dress making sector.


Numerous Designers to Offer Their Master Pieces

The designing process takes many months starting from the research for the current fashion trends to making prediction about future market and that leads to the first step to create the design. The colors and fabrics each designer chooses for Sasya in special. Many storyboards with innumerable sketches are involved in the making process; a magnum opus cannot be created on a single day. Even when the design is complete the designers modify and approve their signature dresses for the Sasya showroom collection. Every single piece gets special attention and comes through several processes to gain a special space in the showroom. That makes the dress unique in its own way.


There are many boutiques and bestowal showrooms for designer dresses in Kolkata but Sasya with their futuristic thought process, a series of great designers and unique fashion sense is creating history day after day in this city. Offering a designer outfit is not their dream but they live only to create magnum opuses. And that is why they are the best.


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