Sort Your Lookbook With A Custom Tailored Shirt This Season

Clothes they say maketh a man and of all the clothes important for an Indian man, shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing. Be it office wear or spending a leisurely evening with friends over a cup of coffee, a shirt can carry the day with panache. Be it tailored shirts or designer suits in Kolkata, the options are varied and will never leave you disappointed.


Benefits Of The Custom Tailored Shirts

There are many benefits of a custom tailored shirt and the first and foremost is the great fit you can achieve. There are no loose end, the shoulder line is perfectly aligned and the sleeve lengths are not sloppy and  the cut is just that you want it to be. Another important thing is the quality of a shirt and custom tailored one are better because you can choose your own fabric and print. One area of concern in readymade shirts are the quality and design of buttons. In the case of customized tailoring in Kolkata the size and quality of buttons are top notch and prevent any embarrassment.


Rely On The Best Clothier

Just having a custom made shirt from anywhere and everywhere is never an option. Rather one must get the shirt crafted (yes it is a craft) from the best custom tailoring store in town. If you are thinking that it will make no difference then you are very wrong. A good store is always ready and eager to extend the best service and that reflects on the quality of stitch and fitting. Moreover, the monogram of a luxurious customized tailoring shop in Kolkata can increase the desirability quotient of your shirt and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd who may don a regular fit off the shelf shirt. Sometimes, the costs may put you off from buying a custom tailored shirt, but any man worth his salt should have two great custom made shirts.


Good shirts are the signature of a well dressed and refined man and therefore needs to be well coordinated with good trousers, denims or even semi-formal pants.


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