Male Grooming Tips for Festive Season

The word ‘grooming’ is not a onetime thing but a rigorous process. The more you follow the regime the more groomed you will become. A man needs proper manner and etiquette to prim him. A small and peppy guide for perfect grooming is suggested here.

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Flawless Skin

An unblemished male skin is rare occasion indeed so moisturize your skin regularly to get a glowing one. A moisturizer along with SPF 15 or 30 would be ideal for your skin. It will also make you look younger than your actual age. Looking anything older than forty now appears to be a crime, what do you think?

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Stylize The Hair

Hair styling gel or cream does not only have the strong hold but gives a shine too. The most important thing is it suits with every hair type. If you are in for all the crazy hair styles or want to give it an impeccable look- a gel or cream is your best buddy.

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Make Fragrances Your Life

A good custom made tailored suit from the signature store Sasya will go in vain of not donned up properly similarly a  good fragrance is a must for your stylish avatar. Fragrances are not only female things but very much essential for men too. Wear what you want to wear depending on your taste, it is not based on your gender- says legendary perfumer Roja Dove.

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A Clean Shaven Look

It is entirely up to your choice that you want to flaunt the clean shaven look or don a well manure beard but take my word; old school single or double blade safety razor will likely give you the best shave you’ll ever experience.

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Look around you, the long bearded look has come back again and so enrobe it with a style. Firstly you need to go to a parlor to shape it rightly and then regular taking care will give your beard an exemplary look.

The Adonis in You

Do not forget the word that body is the temple so treat it like an idol. That does not mean that you have to make a six pack abs but a well toned body will do. Please get rid of those flab from your belly and wear whatever you like.

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While you want to be regular at grooming yourself follow a strict regime and offer you a proper guideline. The complexity of listening to various well wishers will reach you nowhere. Be precise to follow a correct path and be a role model for others.


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