Style Tips For The Suave Men Of 2016

While there are innumerable write-ups that helps the women to zero on the right dress and style  trends, the average men are sadly lagging when it comes to following the in trend ramp fashion. Be it the shirt or the bottoms, there are various styles that are can be tried to achieve the look of ultimate coolness. To get the fashion tips right, visit the best menswear store Kolkata has and come out a transformed man. So here are some tips for you!

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White Chinos

Relaxed bottoms are a pre-requisite when the men are thinking about comfort above everything else. Here the white chinos win hands down with their ability to exude that relaxed urbane charm. Cotton is the fabric of choice and will make you look and feel cool. Just go for a cool pastel summer color for the upper wear and you will be able to flaunt the look in both office time and also at after office dos.

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Comeback Of Cuban Collars

2015 is the year of the retro and give a classy look to your attire by sporting a shirt with Cuban collar on it. This style was popular in the 1950s America and you can easily go for a collar of a different color from what the shirt color is. When it comes to shirt color, both plain and printed work well.

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Denim Decoded

This trend is so very in that both men and women are falling in love with it. Light blue and powder blue denim is the color of choice and the light wash denim can easily be paired with a denim short shirt.

Best menswear store Kolkata, Best sherwani store Kolkata

Novel Prints

2016 has been the year when plain has gone out and unique and novel prints have made a huge entry. The inspiration for the designers is their childhood when zoo animals, UFOs, baseball, spacecrafts and anything and everything was an essential part of growing up.

Customised tailoring in Kolkata, Designer suits in kolkata, custom made tailored suits

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The beauty of a man can get enhanced manifold if custom made tailored suits are a part of the wardrobe. Be it shirts, trousers or suits, there are so many options that even the most fashion unconscious man will fall in love with them in the jiffy.


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