Keep The Monsoon Style In Mind With Some Unique Dressing Tips

Monsoon is the time when fashion goes into the backburner and utility and keeping the clothes in proper order are more important. For  this reason, many people prefer to dig up the old clothes from the back of the wardrobe and wear them. However, that does not mean that you will not visit the best menswear store Kolkata has or a shop selling designer sarees in Kolkata. Here are some style tips to see you through monsoon

Choosing The Proper Fabric

During monsoon, the biggest criteria is to wear a fabric that can cool off quickly and which does not take in the mud and dirt stain easily. Moreover, the clothes should not stick to the skin and so you should go for crepe silk, cotton, synthetic lycra, nylon, polyester or such other fabric. Monsoon calls for dark colors so that they are not transparent when wet.

Image Source:Sasya Website

Sorting Out The  Shorts And Shoes

During monsoon, anything that reaches the ankles is best avoided. So out goes long skirts and jeans or bell bottoms and come in the short skirts, capris and shorts. Pair them with ankle length or knee length boots and you are ready to tick every style box.

Image Source:Google Image

Elaborating on this, we can have a look at the footwear fit for monsoon. Try out crocs, flats, floats, jelly shoes and those with rubber soles with firm grip on the road surface. Needless to say, you must give your leather and suede shoes a break.

Image Source:Google Image

Style For The Indian Women

There are some women who like to dress up purely in Indian wear and very rightly because saree and kurtis are the best way to make a woman look beautiful. Wear short kurtis with dark leggings and ditch those dupatta for short colorful scarves. Those with a penchant for wearing saree need not despair because you can counter the monsoon with khadi, georgette and synthetic saree. Avoid heavy saree with brocade or other heavy borders.

Image Source:Simaaya Website

Monsoon means frizzy hair, unkempt make-up and thinking ten times before putting on that best dress that may get spoiled in the monsoon fervor. However, if you follow these easy steps then countering monsoon in style will not be a big deal.





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