Casual Dressing Tips for Men

Dressing for the summer months, requires a bit of extra thought. Whether going for a date or a casual outing, try these easy tips for casual dressing.

Go for a Patterned Look

Patterns go really well with men and if you have a notion that floral prints are too feminine think twice as you can really add a peck to your look with them. If you do not have a mood to experiment, then go for abstract prints or some smart stripes and checks. Sasya, offers customized tailoring in Kolkata and be assured to get a lot of exciting options in the racks too.

What Are The Hot Colors?

The colors that are hot this season are aquamarine, teal. If you do not like blue, then go for an elegant coral or a bold grey. Sand yellow is a color that looks more or less good in all complexions. This year, forest green is raging the fashion news.

Look Rocking with Jeans

 Jeans never is out of fashion if you think about casual dressing. What is important is wear stretchable or hand aged treated denims. Cargoes are also very much in fashion. If you love chinos, then this time go for a colored one. If you do not wish to go too casual, opt for a military green. Pair it with a right tee and you will surely look fabulous.

Master Layering

Many guys do not understand it rightly. Proper layering makes a look more interesting and adds a lot of difference too.


Accessorize Rightly

Get a pair of stylish sunglasses. Choose a big watch that goes well with your outfit. A leather or metal bracelet can add a funky touch to your look.

Look Fab in Loafers

Ease your formal look a little this time and get into those cool loafers. You might feel that shoes do not play an important part in dressing, but you are actually wrong. A perfect casual wear, these are extremely comfortable.

If you are extremely conscious about fashion, then also wear things that keep you comfortable. Dress well, feel good and you will surely look refined and extremely smart.



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