Gowns are in Vogue This Season

If you are looking for a perfect dress for an evening party, nothing can better than a long flowing gown. Be it off-shoulder, high neck or plunging v necks let’s take a look at what’s in trend this season. Read on as we share more with you.

Mesh Gowns

Mesh or silk gowns creates an illusionary effect on the back, leg or in the shoulder. A little or more, you can actually flaunt your best side in these trendy gowns. This alluring gown with delicate laces looks absolutely stunning.

Source from Google

Go the Sequined Way

A gown looks absolutely gorgeous and will provide the necessary bling, if a hint of sequins is added to an evening gown in shades ranging from golden to dark blue.


Source from Simaaya

Ball Gowns

Those big Cindrella ball gowns have recently come back in fashion news. Puffy and flowing, these dresses look fabulous and are perfect to give a feminine touch to your look. These days lighter materials are used to give a refreshing look. Off shoulder and décolletage necklines suits this type of gowns best.

Source from Google

Minimalistic Gowns

A simple gown with minimalist patterns is back in trend. Long gowns in chiffon or satin will add a timeless and elegant look.  Clean cuts and designs in red and black looks beautiful. Sasya, the best store for indo-western wear has a wide range of gowns that are simple yet striking.


Source from Simaaya

Colors and Patterns for the Season

Gowns in floral patterns are very much in vogue this season. The layered look is extremely important whatever gown you might choose to wear. Not just white or black, what’s raging the news is blue, be it classy, teal or aquamarine blue. Red and icy pink is very much in news.

Source from Google

Gowns need to fit perfectly. A sequined clutch and a long earring will be perfect to complete the party look. So, flaunt your curves and go for a fabulous gown to look absolutely ravishing.


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