Pull Up Your Style Statement Aor That Business Meeting At Office

Business meeting are an occasion when you have to look good and put your best feet forward in order to impress the other party with your aura and personality. In fact, your attire contributes a lot to making you a person whose opinions are heard and pondered upon. Let us look at some tips that can help you.

Choose Appropriate Attire

The look should be core professional. While you may be allowed a jeans and t-shirt at office, do wear clothes which makes you look productive. You can never go wrong with suits in any colors – be it black or blue and this is true for both men and women. However, that does not mean a staid and boring white shirt has to be won every time. Rather you can wear a colorful shirt, tie or jewelry to give it a better effect. Get two tailored suit in the two colors to make the decisions easier for you.

Shoes Should Suit You

If there is anything that is too important for a complete business look, it is shiny, intact and comfortable shoes. It is best that men and women both wear closed toed shoes. Men can go for formal leather shoes with women opting for pumps in sober colors.

Be Comfortable

Whenever you wear something, the most important thing is comfort. While looking stylish is necessary no doubt, being comfortable is equally necessary. In case you feel that a high heel is making you wobbly and uncomfortable, then do away with it. A dress too tight for you can make you breathless during a presentation. However, clothes are secondary, what is necessary is your confident attitude.


Match Well

It is very important that you match the shoe and belt with a suit. The tie should also complement the shirt and not overpower it. If it is business casuals, then wear a khaki pant, a good shit wear the pant or trouser and jacket have to match.

While wearing the perfect clothes is important, it is even more important that no skin is exposed. This applies to men and women. The makeup can be dewy day time look with appropriate hairstyle. Accessories include a pendant and bracelet for women and a good watch for men. Dress well and you will definitely succeed in making a favorable impression.


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