Stay in Tune with Tunics This Season

Comfort is the by-word whenever it comes to dressing up right for a hard day at the office. However, it is equally important to look chic and stylish with the addition of comfort. One garment that has stood the test of time and cemented its position as a versatile dress is a tunic.

So, What Is A Tunic?

That is a bit debatable as there has been many definition associated with tunic. Some call it a loose fitting long dress and some regard it as a short dress that can be worn by itself or with a fitted bottom. The definition closest to a proper one is that it is a long loose fitting shirt with sleeves and covering the hips. The neckline is versatile and can be high necked or with a smart design at the neck. The longer ones can be worn with a jeans and the shorter one with a pencil skirt.

Reason Or Tunics Being Big This Season

Comfort is the biggest and single most factor why women are taking to tunics big time. Tunic may be dressed up or down which depends on the fabric. For summer, cotton wins hands down and in winter, one can go with cashmere and silk tunics. In fact, satin pyjama pants are equally great when paired with tunic. This capacity of tunics to go with anything has made it the first fashion trend for the year. The best thing about tunics is that they suit any and every body type. Those on the bulkier side can hide the curves and those on the lighter side can accentuate their curves.


Tunic Styles For 2016

In 2016, the tunic has got a makeover. It is more stylish, practical and universal. The hottest tunic style is the shirt tunic of a longer length that can be worn with a jeans or slacks. The design trends can be abstract, geometrical, minimalistic and vegetable. The hippe style will be popular as well as the use of graceful folds. You can also wear a thin leather belt so that the waist is emphasized in an otherwise voluminous dress.

With the pros of tunic far outweighing the cons, it is high time that you rush to the shop and buy the long overdue tunic.




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