Fashion Tips For The Teenage Diva

Being a teenage and wanting to be a diva is a tough proposition. The term diva evokes expensive clothes, bags and shoes that are pretty much out of range for a pocket money getting teenager. However fret not because we bring you some tips that can make you look fabulous within the limited pocket money.

Stay Clean At All Times

Being a diva includes the concept of hygiene. Shower daily and use a fruity body shower that smells great. After the shower, dab on some body lotion for soft and supple skin. Deodorants are very important to keep bad smell away.

Keep Bad Hair at Bay

Your hair is something that attracts instant attention. You can tie it up, keep it open, curl them, and straighten them or anything that suits you. Just remember that the hair is glossy, shiny and clean. Wash it every day or alternative days and comb and brush the hair multiple times a day.


Select Clothes Carefully

Clothes are something that make or breaks the diva in you. You must wear fitted clothes that are not too big or small. For slim and lean people jeans, short skirts, short kurti with legging and dresses are ideal. Those with a fuller figure can wear skirts, palazzo pants with a gorgeous top, pretty kurtis and dresses. For a formal occasion wear eastern wear can be the style statement, wear a fish tail lehenga with short blouse, a floor length anarkali or a majestic lehenga saree. The best thing about the Indian dresses is that they flatter any figure, makes a woman look feminine and is very much within the budget of an average teenager.

 Accessorize With Care

Be it any kind of clothe, the right mix and match options can take the look to greater heights. Wear necklace, pendants, earring and bracelets that flatter the dress and not overpower it. The bags can be blingy ones for evening occasion and sedate but smart ones for day use. Eastern wear demands high heels while for western wear, try flats with dresses and jeans.  

Staying Healthy

You do not become a diva with rough, dull and dry skins, unhealthy complexion and a patsy face. Therefore it is imperative that you eat right and exercise regularly to have a fit and toned body. A reed thin figure is not warranted at all. Rather, a well nourished and healthy person who eats fruits and vegetables and drinks a lot of water is desirable.



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