Fail Proof Dressing Tips to Impress On Your First Date Night

First dates are an intimidating affair especially if you the type who knows about only two kinds of attire – pyjama and jeans. However, for that special evening, a little dressing up is surely warranted. Here are a few quick easy tips to dress up for a date night.


Classy Makes You Confident

Here classy does not mean expensive labels and out of reach accessories. What it means is that what you wear should be like second skin to you and you have to be totally comfortable in it. The dress should be what you wear regularly but with a twist so that you can impress you date. Jeans is not unacceptable but girls please wear a pretty feminine top with accessories and boys go for a waist coat with shirt.

Smell Well

The clothes that you wear should be clean and stain free. Wearing white is quite risky and may be avoided in case you are not a spill proof type. Other than that, deodorants and perfumes are a must have on the date night so that your date stays mesmerized with your pretty fragrance.

Clothes For Her

Sarees work on every occasion but can be a bit intimidating to the man in front of you – especially if he is not the dress up type. You can go for gowns, maxi dresses or a pretty embroidered or printed dress along with a light jacket. In case the dress is not too heavy then you can wear chunky neckpieces with the gown or dress. For an embroidered suit, it is better to leave the neck empty and concentrate on the ear with a chunky piece. Shoes are all important and no matter whether they are flats or heeled, they should not be faded or chipped.

Dressing Tips For Men

Men have it slightly easier because they can do away with the accessory bit. However, they must be well groomed with a shaven or trimmed look depending on whether they have a beard or not. You can wear a jeans or a formal trouser, but please keep the t-shirts away. This is the day for great full sleeved shirts which can be paired with a well cut jacket during chilly weather. Shoes are all important and open toed are strict no-no. You can wear a formal shoe, loafers or sneakers – all with clean socks of course!



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