Dressing Up in New Year – Don the Corporate Look

The New Year fever has gripped everyone tight by now. Amidst every other consideration like resolutions and new travel plans another priority that tops the list is to get a fashion makeover.  For corporate who struggle at getting better with workplace styles, we bring some of the finest tips in line that will make 2016 a fashion intense time.

Follow the simple rules below and get into your best corporate avatar.


  1. Get a branded dress – since your paycheck allows you to splurge, try out a new custom made dress from one of the globally recognized brands. our rare wear collection provides made to measure facility for people like you who nurtures a eclectic taste in fashion. Suede and velvet dress is an ideal way to kick start the year at the office party. Choose from natural colour palette in earthy combination.
  1. Invest in high end accessories – an exquisite scarf, a fashionable brooch, a nice titan raga watch, Gucci shoes and a luxe leather bag should also be on your list of priorities when it comes to dressing up classy in new year.


  1. Invest in some social wear jewelry, exquisitely crafted for working women. The market is flooded by such special lines in work wear jewelry; get yourself a funky design that can serve you as yearlong investment.
  1. Get the wardrobe essentials as shape wear and pretty lingerie. This is one very important aspect of fashion – what you wear even underneath. Shapewear helps tuck away that extra slab or hide that extra carb which you do not want to flaunt. Getting the right accessories which will compliment your entire look is absolutely a must own. Go shopping now.
  1. Get a little something different for yourself. If you are not much into traditional formal wear, this New Year try out one. Unless you try a look, you can never know how you stand in it and unless you know you will always doubt. So take that one little step to trying something absolutely different from your usual taste.
  1. Vouch for quality – one of the best fashion statements is to wear quality clothes. This year invest a little in the expensive and we can assure you will never regret. A quality apparel will last you durable years. So even if your fetish remain to pick up clothes from your favourite market roadside stall try a little detour and end up gifting yourself very good branded accessories/ apparels.


Corporate fashion is about maintaining style with dignity, you cannot compromise being a commoner, so pull up your socks and come shop at India’s best fashion retail, Sasya.





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