Looking Good This Winter

sa14Summer is indeed over, with its halter-necks, tank-tops, shorts and minis; can’t show skin anymore.  Winter is here, and so is the need to cover up, often in layers.  How do you show off your beauty if you have to cover everything?  Do not despair; winter can be a great time to look good, in a different way.

Let us start with clothes.  Sweaters, especially bulky ones, paired with tights or fitted jeans look great on any figure.  Long skirts with fitted polo-necks or denim jackets give a warm look as well.  And team them up with colourful scarves and stoles, caps and hats, gloves and socks.  Brightly patterned gloves, socks and a cap will complement your denims.sa15

For the more traditional look, warm salwar kameezes (like the Kashmiri phirans), or churidars with anarkali style kurtas and matching silk or woollen stoles and shawls make for a great Indian winter look.  Give your slinky summer slippers a rest.  Get out some boots, calf length for tights and skirts, ankle length for pants, and bright embroidered jootis for your ethnic wear.  The main feature of winter fashion is colour.  Do not be shy, buy the brightest, reds, rusts, yellows, black’n’whites, and ward off the winter blues.sa16

Winter make-up is definitely different from summer make-up.  Let us start with the basics, moisturize your skin well.  Try to use a oil free, alcohol free moisturizer as oily cold creams make your skin shiny, and alcohol based lotions dry up your skin.  You may have to change your summer moisturizer and get one that suits your winter skin.  You can use an olive oil based moisturizer for your body, because all of your skin (not just your face) needs to be moisturized.

Pay extra attention to your hands and feet, as these tend to dry out faster and you certainly do not want the parched hands look.  Keep a small hand moisturizer handy, and use it every time after washing your hands.  Next, remember, the chapped-lips look is not in, so carry your chap-stick everywhere.  If you want the fresh look, a washed and moisturized face with a dash of shimmery lip gloss will get you that.  If you want to wear make-up, focus on your cheeks, and contrast warm cheeks with cooler eye shadows and lip colours.  You could use a bronzer to warm up your facial tones.

Your hair needs special care in winter, as it tends to dry up, looking listless or too frizzy.  Do not skimp on the oil massage, shampoo and conditioning ritual.  In fact, you need to take care that you condition your hair well, so that it does not end up looking like dread-locks.  And top your crowning glory with a captivating cap or hat.  Accessorize well, and since most of you is hidden, you can wear chunky earrings.  Wear big beaded necklaces as they will go well with layered sweaters.

Go ahead, layer yourself up, be the hottest thing on a cold winter day.



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