Dressing Tips for the Wedding Cocktail Party

Wedding is one occasion for Indians to get high on fashion – do you agree? As soon as you come to know that your cousin, your uncle or for that matter your friend is getting married the first though that crosses your mind is – ‘What do I wear?”


In this blog we will discuss the best options in Indian traditional and modern designer wears for a wedding cocktail party. The wedding cocktail is a pre-wedding event, which means you still don’t want to give away the best dress for the occasion – but who said so?

Plan on wearing something very different and retro to beat others in style; a combination that is quirky, cool and out of the league. In this blog we will discuss two very interesting look that can give you a fresh take on wedding fashion.10155492_547010045410066_3320953481070196987_n

Funk of Fusion – Get yourself a pretty half jacket in pop multi-colour, and pair it with a jazzy solid dhoti pant. Underneath the jacket wear a chic tee in white or ivory pearl. Accessorize with a statement belt with a big central motif. Wear pretty danglers in ethnic style, and leave your hair open; style up at a parlor maybe. Focus your make up on accentuated eyes and a bright matte pout. If you want to go a notch quirky try a sequin laced canvas, else you can wear a stiletto. Don’t forget to match your fab fashion with a nice sling clutch; and last but not the least – do wear a good perfume. 10443164_587070128070724_572377120371648391_o

Traditional and Gorgeous – Saree is one of the most exquisite fashion find for women kind. If you are wearing a lehenga at the wedding, you can and you must walk into the cocktail party, beautiful in a saree. Depending on the season get a suitable choli done. In this modern age, women are wearing all kinds of casual blouses and even tees to throw in a very different look than the traditional type. A top knot or open hair compliments the saree look in the best way. Exquisite antique jewelry, loud and gaudy can be a gorgeous option only if you are comfortable wearing them. A matching clutch and cat heels can ideally show you off as a conscious fashion follower.

If you have any special look, an original invention – feel free to share with us here in your comment box below.




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