Work Wear Basics – What to Wear at Work

We have divided the blog into two segments to fit in the basics for traditional or more conventional work space and the unorthodox offices. Say you work in a bank, a very disciplinarian work space where you cannot indulge to experiment your looks every day – there you need to focus on the simple basics which will elegantly pull you through the challenge of looking good at office.1779121_520916621352742_611341691_n

On the other hand people who work at fashion houses or private media industry has the liberty to delve deep into the fashion circle to create unique look each and every day, well it is not a pity that you do not share a similar environment. Read on to know how –


Elegance is the priority – When choosing an ensemble for a traditional work space keep your focus on simplicity. Simple, non-jarring outfit, tailor-made to fit your size is the ideal basic for everyone working in a conventional atmosphere. The options of the attire can range from anything as dress with blazer, formal skirts with overcoats, the formal trouser with overcoat, the simple non elaborate saree or the basic tunic and salwar.

Colours to pick from – Pastel neutral shades go best with conventional offices; peach, ivory, brown, beige, coral blue, grey are the best shades to select from.

11050252_688183617959374_5108751590388290986_oCuts to suit your style – Don’t push the border of going sultry when you need to look smart and well dressed. Round or v-necks are mostly preferred, collars look pretty smart too. If you are wearing an overcoat keeping the sleeves an inch short of your shirt sleeves look stunning. If you are wearing a dress opt for straight or A line cut. Also the overcoat should be a unisex one,

Accessories – What to wear – choose from classy dainty elegant jewelry in pearl or white gold. If you are wearing diamonds restrict it to a small pendant or tiny hoops and huggies. Messenger or portfolios are the best choices in bags. Shoes play an important role too; therefore it’s best to choose either a formal canvas in leather or petite cat-heels or pumps.

FOR THE NON-CONVENTIONAL TYPES –                                               

Casual and comfortable is the motto – whatever you wear, keep it comfortable, this is the first advice, when it comes to experimenting with your style on a daily basis and when you have the liberty to do so, the first mistake to avoid is look overbearing, the best casual non-conventional office basic is a ratty shirt in white and distressed denims. This is a forever classic that will never change with time. The solid short with a quirk overcoat and a sultry half sleeve is another favourite. Apart from this, you do have the privilege of picking and mix matching a hundred thousand combinations, well also the odd ones.1048945_394659880645084_1873656207_o

Colours to pick from –For those who can wear odd combinations, there is no particular colour agenda. Similar to experiment with odd combinations in attires you can as well play with colours.

Cuts to suit your style – Deep neck, deep back, boat neck, string neck, halter neck – wear whatever you want but yes balance it cool with layers or accessories so that you don’t end up hearing from your boss if office is a party!

Accessories – Freestyle incur free choice just that do not go overboard with accessories and makeup and end up looking like a clown.

You can share your ideas on work wear basic hear in your comment box. We would love some original style tips.


One thought on “Work Wear Basics – What to Wear at Work

  1. After a long time have I read a blog that dwells on this neglected topic of office wear. And the words are so true as well. Good work Team Sasya

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