Should You Visit A Fashion Consultant When You Go For Your First Overseas Business Trip?

#WearRare Business travel is part and parcel of any career-oriented individual in the present times. The concept of business travel, be it inland or oversees, has specially been on the rise a result of the economic liberalization of countries around the world as well as the opening up of foreign business markets to each other.

  1. When we are entrusted with the responsibility of an overseas trip for business, the first things of concern that are taken care of are traveling arrangements, tickets, accommodation, and so on. 1But what about your own appearance and your wardrobe that needs to be carried along? Men, and specially women needs to spend some time planning what to carry and how to manage their own personal fashion when on an overseas business trip — what would be the perfect selection of clothes to wear on all occasions, how many dresses to carry, and most importantly how to manage everything keeping the luggage factor in mind.

A fashion consultant can help you out with this. They are specially trained individuals who know exactly what you might need for your overseas business trip and how to manage everything and not exceed your overseas travel luggage weight limits. A visit to a fashion consultant is all the more essential if it is your first overseas business trip — the later ones to follow can be managed with the tips you would already have.

  1. But whoever cannot afford a fashion consultant for this purpose, here are a few tips that can come handy:

No experimental stuff: Pack only the dresses you have tested before and are surely going to wear and be confident as well as comfortable in. Do not increase your luggage with new skirts or jackets that you are not too sure whether they will suit you or not.


Clothes that will multitask: Remember this is a business trip and not a vacation. Pack neutral pieces of clothes, both in shape and in color, that will perform multiple tasks and go for any occasion you might have to attend there. Well-fitted black or brown trousers, black pencil skirts, neutral color shirts, blazers, and comfortable shoes are the best bet. Your jeans can wait at home.

  1. Magic handbag: Carry a moderately big but decent looking leather handbag, in which you can keep all that you might need — wet tissues, cream, make up stuffs, safety pins, money, cards, etc. It will serve the business as well as personal purposes.

Finally visit a fashion expert and plan your wardrobe well before you go for that overseas trip.


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