Makeup: Know the Right Tricks!

#WearRare To look good it is not only enough to wear the right clothes —at the same time it is a must to don the right make up as sans the right make up you will not look good in any conditions. Makeup trends change now and then and it’s a must to keep track of the latest styles.


At the same time it is also a must to know the current trends and rules associated with make up in order to look good. Looking good is not an easy task and one needs to go by the set rules and yet manage to carve a creative niche for himself. Most Makeup artists are of the opinion that there is no standard format for makeup which would suit one and all. You would need to analyze individual complexion and features to find out what makeup would suit yourself. At the same time you need to keep in mind weather conditions as well as occasion before you select the kind of makeup you would wear.


As a person who has been in the fashion industry for years I do agree to this and at the same time I feel that each season articulates its own rules; therefore it’s essential to comply with those trends not only in terms of garments but also in terms of make-up. After all we cannot afford to be dressed in designer attires and yet look shabby owing to inappropriate make up!


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