Maang Tika: Different Types And How To Wear Them

#WearRare The “Maang Tika” is a very popular piece of traditional jewellery which adds that extra style quotient to the bride’s couture on their wedding day. It is like a pendant worn on the head, and it usually extends half from the hair and half on the forehead. Sometimes it is also a large medallion attached to a chain with a hook. This is an ornament which may be made from gold, silver or crystal and the pendant can be round or flat. Depending on their shape and component structures “Maang Tikas” are of different types.


21> MATTHA PATTI: This style of “Maang Tika” has extra panels on the side which gives a fuller look to the bride’s hair. This “Maang Tika” must be worn on centrally parted hair and in order to support the additional panels more care has to be taken to secure it in its place.

2> BORLA: This “Maang Tika” is a design typical to the Rajasthani culture. The pendant in the Borla Maang Tika is spherical in shape. It’s slightly tricky to wear because it has to be fixed on the front with pins, but if the pins are exposed they look unattractive. Special care has to be taken to wear this ornament.

3> JHOOMAR OR PASSA: This “Maang Tika” is shaped like a fan and is different from all other “Maang Tika” in that the pendant hangs from the side. So the Jhoomar is worn by making a side parting on the hair and it is usually pinned to the left side of the head. The Jhoomar’s asymmetrical look is what makes it so unique and eye-catching.

4> KUNDAN: This kind of “Maang Tika” has an overturned bell or inverted pot-like shape. It looks best when worn on a centrally parted hair tied in a bun.


5> SHRINGAR PATTI: The Shringar Patti is different from the Mattha Patti in the way that it has more than one side panel. This “Maang Tika” looks absolutely exquisite with several types of hair style, but the catch is that it needs extra help to be secured in place. For this, the assistance of a professional hair stylist or an experienced person should be taken so as to ensure that the look is perfect.


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