Some Thoughts On Wedding Make Up

#WearRare Every woman is excited on her wedding day and wants to look the best. She decks herself up with the right clothes and accessories and is ready to take on the world. Yes! If you are a bride; it is your day!You cannot afford to go wrong with your make up. You must follow a beauty regime that makes you glow and look stunning amidst hundreds of guest. So here are a few tips for the bride!


Before the wedding day

  • You must follow a constant routine to improve you skin tone and appearance. Apart from your face, your hair care as well as nail care is important too. Begin with manicures and facial on a regular basis and start doing this at least a month before the wedding.
  • Be cautious with the brand of the beauty product you use and ask your beauty expert to advice on good make up. Avoid doing any kind of experiments.
  • Opt for massage using essential oils as it will not only relax your mind and body but also leave you with a good feeling. Try going in for aromatherapy at least once before your wedding.
  • Sleep well as avoiding sleep may leave with dark circles which no one would like to have, especially before wedding. Stay away from sun and use sunscreen protection with minimum 20 SPF.


On the wedding day-

  • It is important to compliment your look with the dress you wear. The idea is to look good and not just do heavy make up.
  • Apply the right shade of foundation and cover it with powder. This will make your skin appear smoother. Also apply foundation on the neck and ears so that it does not look that your face has been layered with a lot of make-up. Also try to use a concealor which is not very different from your foundation so that it blends well.
  • Highlight your lip by making an outline and then applying lip colour. It not only enhances the shape of your lips but also makes them look good. Use light shades if you have small and thin lips as dark shades looks nice on fuller lips. Lipsticks come in various finishes like creamy, mate, and glossy; hence select the one that suit you the most. Make sure that the outliner is of same colour as lipstick.


  • It is also important for you to balance your eye and lip make up. It is advisable to use for natural light eyes. Use smudge proof eye make ups and apply waterproof mascaras as you need to be in your make up for long hours.
  • Shape your eyebrows by tweezing the hair beneath the brows.
  • Apply a nail colour that compliments your dress. File your nails properly before applying the colours.
  • Hair care is important. Massage you hair with hot oil before having a bath. This will provide a good shine and texture to your hair. Avoid going is for a new hairstyle and do up your hair in a neat way so that it looks good.



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