Red Hot Spicy! Get A Red Bag Today!!

#WearRare Red is an emotionally intense colour. It relates to energy & confidence. Red has unique shades – rust, tomato red, chilli red etc and you need the guidance of an expert colour analyst to know which shade is the best for you. Red adds a Xing to the beautiful and oomph to your style if you can manage to carry it well. Red incites, excites and tantalizes. You can wear red in monochrome, such is its aura. Wearing a little red can add spark to a monotonous day; however beware for wearing too much red might signify a demanding character.


Red is a great colour to wear at the end of the week when the energy levels are flagging; however avoid wearing red on occasions when you need to induce calm like while putting your children to bed. When wearing a red dress be careful while choosing a lipstick – the shades might be light or dark as per your choice but the tone needs to be the same.

A red bag is the perfect accessory to spike up ones dressing quotient. So what are you waiting for? Check out our latest collections and get yourself that perfect red bag.


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