Beauty Plan For The Radiant Bride

#WearRare “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” This is the famous opening line of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice which has helped to define the concept if marriage for quite a few decades. But the concept of marriage has changed with time and for us, it is a companionship of two like minded souls.

Some Thoughts on Marriage


Getting married is perhaps one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. Everyone in the family is busy planning the tiniest details of your wedding arrangements. In the mean while, what do you plan to do? Mind you, if you do not plan your beauty regime at least fifteen days before your wedding, you are going to be in big trouble. You will not only be jittery about the ceremony and the wedding itself, but also for your lack luster looks which might add to your wedding day blues.


The bride to be is the main attraction of a wedding and all of us women have always fantasized about the D day when we would look our best and people cannot even take their eyes off us. To make that dream come true, you must get down to some serious looking after yourself. It is totally your wish as to whether you want to go for professional beauty treatments or would be happy with grandma’s home- made remedies.


List to Do For Would Be Brides

Apart from these you also need to follow a list of dos and don’ts which will bring that all important glow on your face.

  • Pay a lot of attention to your diet. Fruit juices should accompany your well balanced meals. Juices are good for the skin and so is tomato juice. Include salads in your diet so that it keeps your bowel movements in order so that pimples don’t crop up on your face.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Plain water could bring health and shine to your skin within just a few days.
  • Make sure you are using a good scrub three days a week. Exfoliation is important to remove the layer of dry and dead skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Scrubbing the dry regions like the elbows and the heels are necessary and application of petroleum jelly on them after the process is mandatory.
  • Oiling the hair on your head every other day is very essential. Dry and fuzzy hair is difficult to manage and is also very unpleasant to the eyes. Shampooing should be followed by conditioning to trap the adequate moisture required to give you soft and silky hair.

Some More Skin Care Tips


  • Regular pedicures are a wise step to take. Clean feet are a hygienic habit to maintain and I would suggest that you keep it as long as you can.
  • Use a light moisturizer immediately after you have taken a bath to keep the skin soft. Pay special attention to your hands. Avoid applying lotions in between your fingers. Well filed, clean nails are always a delight to look at; do I need to say anything more?
  • Most of us have really sensitive facial skin. For such people, home- made facial packs are the best. There are different packs for different kinds of skin type. For the oily skin, a mixture of turmeric, chick pea flour and lemon could work wonders, whereas oatmeal and honey are good if you have extremely dry skin.
  • Just in case your face looks scarred due to the acne, try red sandalwood paste and turmeric.
  • Finally if you want to go for a waxing session, make sure you get it done about 6 days prior to the D day.

Try it, I promise; he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.



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