Choose your Jewelry in Wedding: 7 Must Know Tips

a1ff3a955de750847a8d5b38c0a8fdb0A bride without jewelry sounds as incomplete as bread without butter. Tell me, have you ever come across a bride who is attired in bright shades and has loads of make up on but without ornaments? Sounds absurd right? But frankly, when one does not know how to choose the right kinds of jewelry, it is better to give the idea of wearing them a miss altogether. You will be making a worse fool of yourself if you choose to wear the wrong kinds of ornaments so you would rather not wear any.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that, your jewelry is a very important part of your wedding trousseau. Hence a few things must be kept in mind before you let yourself be drowned in the ocean of choices.

The primary thing you should take into consideration before buying your jewelry is the tone of your skin. For light complexioned people, ornaments made of platinum, white gold and silver are the best bet. This is because they compliment your skin color and will not stand out of your costume. You need to attract attention to yourself and not just the jewelry right? Similarly, dark complexioned people should go for gold, copper and such other metals.

feeldesain-Wedding-WowsSecondly, the shape of your face is an important deciding factor in choosing the most suitable kinds of earrings for you. If your face is on the plumper side, please avoid using round earrings because they make the face look fatter. So they should be wearing slender and delicate designs to look gorgeous.

The same idea goes for rings as well. Small hands with small fingers can never carry off heavy designs. They need sleek designs which have very few stones fitted in them. Chunky stuff is strictly prohibited for such women. Long and slender fingers on the other hand can carry off heavy designs with élan. So choose wisely my dear.

Keep an eye on your budget all the while. Pick stuff which suits your pocket. Expensive stuff is a never a benchmark for looking good. If you have a cheaper article with a much better design and above all, looks good on you, lay your hands on it immediately.

Again, if you have a tight budget, take care to see that your skin is not allergic to the material the ornament is made of. Such allergies can be dangerous for the skin and might take a long time to disappear. You do not need that embarrassment on your wedding day now, do you?

Wearing something that you are comfortable in is the next important mantra. Remember, you are the most important person on your wedding day and do not care about what the others might say. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing and think you look good in it, keep it on.

Choosing an ornament which is the right balance between fashion and comfort is your best bet. Be prudent and make your D day the most memorable day of your life.


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