The Anarkali Salwaar Suit: Different Cuts And Designs

sa17The Anarkali Salwaar Suit, which took the ethnic fashion world by a storm a few years back, is still very much in vogue. This elegant dress, gives a stately and distinguished look to its wearers regardless of age or physique. Since it has now been around for some time, the Anarkali Suit has adapted itself into multifarious designs and cuts of fabric, and now, we have a wide range of styles of this classic couture to choose from. The Anarkali comes in different lengths of sleeves, neck lines and bust lines, but its umbrella-like cut flowing from the waist, is what ties together all these styles.sa18


1> HEAVILY EMBELLISHED JACKET: A specific design of the Anarkali which is very popular as wedding and festive wear is one which has rich embellishments on a short jacket worn over the chest, called the ‘choli’. To contrast this heavy embellishment or embroidery work the rest of the ‘kameez’ is comparatively simple and it’s contrasted at the bottom with a striking kameez border.


2> CONTRASTING DUPATTA: Another style of the Anarkali, which also has a heavily embroidered ‘choli’ or jacket, is one which is worn with a contrasting dupatta draped over the suit.sa19

3> DOUBLE FABRIC: Another unique style in the Anarkali is that which is stitched using a combination of two different fabrics, usually one printed and the other “jaalidar” fabric.


4> V-SHAPED NECK: This cut of neckline makes the Anarkali wearer look slimmer and her neck appear more slender. Using different fabrics or patterns for the collar is the latest trend. This effect is given more definition by the use of buttons and an elegant border. To get a more modern look, the V-shaped neck of the Anarkali is paired with short sleeves.sa20




5> TAREEZ NECK: The “Tareez” style of the neckline is rooted in the traditional fashion of Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. It is basically a wide and gently rounded collar which makes a sharp peak at the middle of the chest and dips toward the centre. For those who have a short neck but flattering shoulders and collar bones, the “tareez” design will be a perfect choice.


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