Choosing The Best Neckline For Your Body Shape

10933987_666621980115538_6092395467259949985_nV-NECK: This neckline looks good on most kinds of body structures and at the same time it serves beneficial functions for certain specific body shapes. For example, angular shoulder lines can be softened by the V-shape neckline as it has an elongating effect on the neck. Again, by drawing attention to the centre, this kind of neckline works great on those with a short neck or chin and broad shoulders. Even those having wide cheeks, a roundish face or square-shaped jaws will gain from the V-shaped neckline because it elongates the facial structure.

SCOOP NECKS: Wider scoop necks give the illusion of curves and thus they’re best for women with relatively smaller chests or those having an athletic body shape. On the other hand, women having heavier chests should select smaller scooped necklines.

BOAT NECK: The most suited body shape for sporting a boat neck is the hour glass shape or curvy body type. At the same time, this neckline works well for those having long faces and narrow shoulders because it soothes the angularity of the facial structure. Even the pear-shaped body type will gain from this neckline as it brings balance to the shoulders.

CREW NECK: This kind of neckline covers the entire edge of the neck closely. So the idea behind wearing dresses having this neckline is to cover the neck or make it look short. The crew neckline is the best choice for those who are heavy breasted.

COLLAR: The collar is the most accommodating among all necklines because by and large it suits every kind of body shape. The only downside is that unless the dress has nice sporty or fun, designs and prints, this kind of neckline comes across as very staid and serious-looking.

SWEETHEART: A neckline which is cut in the shape of a heart is called the sweetheart neckline which gives its wearer a very dainty and romantic look. This neckline suits those who are well endowed in the chest, as well as women with short necks or chins.

TURTLE NECK: The best body shape for the turtle neck is a physique having rectangular or square shoulders, as it brings a lot of chic smartness to the overall look of the person.



One thought on “Choosing The Best Neckline For Your Body Shape

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