Are Young People Today More Fashion Conscious Than Their Predecessors?


A one word answer to this query is yes! Young people today more fashion conscious than their predecessors. They want to dress smart, look good and live life to the fullest. The fashion industry today is mostly driven by the youth and for the youth. In fact most of the youngsters in the cities today are seen to be fashion and style obsessive, the reason why they are often criticized and compared with their predecessors, who state that they were not as much fashion conscious or driven by fashion trends in the old days as the youngsters are today. I personally do think that it is a bad thing at all- after all nature adores beauty and so if someone wants to look beautiful and great there is nothing wrong in it.

Well! There are some elders who disagree to my view and they feel that youth today is style obsessed. I feel there is a reason why they are so.  The world today has become more professional and opportunistic, the reason why the youth of today are under constant pressure to strive and succeed. Fashion plays a very important role in any industry today, because everyone in the professional world believes the fact that “Clothes maketh a man”.

This is the reason why it is very important for people working as well as entering in the professional industry, to dress well, be it on any occasion, formal or informal. For example, whenever you go for an interview, you always make a first impression on your seniors with the kind of clothes you are wearing, whether you are dressed properly according to the occasion or not. Even in office parties and outings you always need to be smartly dressed so as to make a good impression on your colleagues and seniors. Thus, it is necessary that you have a good fashion sense to be able to dress well, and choose clothing that suits the occasion and makes you stand out in a crowd.

1623249_677670522344017_3933807432433796747_nThe mass media is increasingly promoting the latest fashion trends in the global market. There are numerous fashion programs on television today, along with plenty of fashion magazines out in the market that inform people about the about the latest fashion trends, the clothing to be worn, the designers in demand and also the essentials to put on the required look. And thanks to globalization, today the best global fashion brands for clothes and accessories are spreading their branches across the world, making it very easy for the young people to get their hands on the most fashionable clothes in the global market. There are numerous designer apparel brands being launched every day, each having their own unique style to offer.

Young people are obsessed about looking good. Be it the high school students or the ones in college, everyone wants to look good and wear the most stylish and fashionable clothes available in the market. Another reason for fashionable clothes and accessories being popular among the young people is because they have so many occasions to sport them on.Whether attending classes in college or going out for parties in the clubs and discos, or attending a dance ball or a prom night to be held by the college or school, they have so many occasions to show off their stylish clothes, that the elders don’t have.  Keeping in mind all these facts it is not surprising to note that young people indeed want to dress well and look good.



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