Random Thoughts On Skin Care

All of us would be keen to have young and smooth skin and I am too not an exception! Being a fashion person I know that wearing the right dress is often not enough — you would need to have the right tone of skin and hair in order to look good! So here are some tips for my friends who want to have a fabulous skin tone…sa1

Diet for Great Skin

Since diet is an important factor for your skin, you must see to it that your diet contains the essential nutrients and minerals required for your skin. Here are some points you need to note…

  • Your diet should contain green leafy vegetables.
  • Apart from that, it must also contain plenty of fresh fruits.
  • Go for foods which are rich in protein.
  • Vitamin E capsules are also quite beneficial.

Some Great Skin Care Tips

  • Rub Ice on your face regularly as it can help you to ward off scars and also remove your tan.
  • Apply a mixture of olive and almond oil
  • Apply lemon juice directly to your skin as it can help you to do away scars and at the same time rejuvenate your skin.
  • Tomato juice can also help you achieve a smooth skin tone.
  • Tea tree oil into can help you get rid of scars and at the same time can help you tackle problems of pimples.
  • Honey is an effective moisturiser and if you use it regularly in your face you are sure to have a glowing complexion.
  • Try out aloe vera. Mix the jel of aloe vera with the powder of the Vitamin E Capsules for a smooth and glowing skin.

Finally stay happy! Nothing makes you more radiant that being happy and contented.



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