Know About The Top Bridal Fashion Trends This Season

Bridal fashion saw the introduction of bright, daring color choices last year in 2014.We saw brides take on yellow and blue like cherry blossoms take to spring. There was a fusion of tradition with modernity as it was melded with modern cuts and hues.

Heavy Zari Work Lehenga

Heavy Zari Work Lehenga

This year however, in 2015, we are going to see the traditional resurgence with a major comeback to things truly traditional. These include heavy zari and embroidery work, comeback of the Mughal style, rebound of folk and classic aesthetics and tons of more jewellery. So what will be the predominant trend? Read on as we tell you more about it?

1. Choice of Embellishments

There was a lot of avant garde and meticulous range of embellished designs in the India Couture Week and Lakme India Fashion Week. Designer bridal fashion was accentuated with a lot of mirrors, sequins, beads and beautiful embroidery that made the bride the centre of attraction.

2014 was a very colorful year with its wide range of color choices and heavy stone jewellery. On the other hand, in 2015 the focus will be on details. This year will showcase a lot of detailed work as the year progresses.

2. Variety of Headpieces

Tikkas and Bindaas are lovely and magnificent but also very passé.2015 is going to see a variety of headpieces but this will not be in the usual festival style. Brides are going to set up haute couture with perfect and simple gold pieces that outline their face cuttings and compliment the traditional dresses that they wear.

A headpiece from from Anju Modi’s Manikarnika Collection

A headpiece from from Anju Modi’s Manikarnika Collection

One of the famous headpieces is from Anju Modi’s Manikarnika Collection. This consists of a headpiece that borrows heavily from the maang tikkas to bring about a twist in the very classic piece of elegant jewellery.

3. Omnipresent Zari

There are quite a few bridal dresses that are masters of embroidery but nothing works better than zari that stands out in the runway. Zari is special gold and silver embroidery that has a long repertoire of tradition in the history and fashion of South Asia. This is because it gives you the ideal deluxe touch for outfits that are otherwise simple.

Indian bridal fashion hovers to being overdressed but in a positive way. However, this year, there is a focus on the customary colors like red and green that is accentuated with zari work. This can being about the fusion of simplicity with high class in 2015.

4. Gold Jewellery

Stones are passé as Indian brides are going to select exquisite gold pieces over kundan and jadau looks. Gold is the adaptable yellow metal that complements every dress, palette and color.

Heavy Bridal Lehenga with Gold embellishment

Heavy Bridal Lehenga with Gold embellishment

Stones overcome the bride with sparkle and shine but gold pieces will give her a glow that is subtle and will allow her beauty to be the centre of attraction.

This spring summer thus don’t look any further! Shop from latest designer sareers and accessories to strike the perfect balance of tradition and style.


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